About Us

Vook is the leading Online Book Store company, Vook known for its unparalled services and it is love by people. Vook is completely service based company whose first and last aim is to provide best service to his customer.We got love from our customer in the form of feedback, and the only reason is our uncompromise services.

If comes to services which makes us different from others are like :

– Same Day Delivery

Vook’s concept of same day delivery is one of the best service which is love by people and people love to come at us

and order books.

– Free Delivery

In today’s date, maybe any company is there who is providing free delivery, but we took charge to increase tendency to ordering books online by following #DigitalIndia.

– Best Customer Support

Our 24×7 customer support will solve your problem regarding any type of query related to orders, product etc. And we love you, and we can do anything to provide you best customer service.

– Request us

We have thousands of book in our website, but there is no counting of books due to this, we added request option. Using this request option you can order any book, don’t worry we will make it available for you.


More About Vook

Vook does not deals with only  selling books, we do buying also, yes its true. Even we sell used books also. Vook is basically one stop platform to buying, selling of old,new books. We have covered almost every kind of books, not only this we are still working on this, so that you don’t have to go to any other place i.e. store or website.


Our Goals

We are working on this project by heart. There are many reasons behind it which we don’t want to hide it from you. There are thousands of book store in India or several brands like amazon, flipkart etc, are already providing book selling services but we are very different from them in services and goals too.

  • Our first goal is to introduce fastest delivery in E-commerce, as people don’t want to wait for anything. That’s why we took charge and just trying to deliver books as soon as possible.
  • Our second goal is to provide you one platform for all book related queries, like buying, selling.
  • Our third goal is to make use of old used books, as we know we study from books but then it become of no use after one year (discussing about academic books) but if you sell them to us and we will sell them to someone which reduce wastage of books.
  • Our fourth goal is to promote #DigitalIndia, as everyone going towards Internet and stores are converting into E-commerce, so we are also doing same thing with the addition of featuredfull uncomparable services.